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We are centrally located in Winnipeg, MB at the corner of Route 90 and Portage Avenue, in the Investors Group building. Enter the visitor parking lot directly off of westbound Portage Avenue. There is also a parking lot entrance on the northbound Route 90 cloverleaf for Portage Avenue West. Visitor parking is at the front of the parking lot. 

Please call our office manager Bonita at 204-772-8680 for more information or to book an appointment with our staff.  You can also email Bonita to request a phone call response.

Our address is 801-1661 Portage Avenue                                  Winnipeg, MB  R3J 3T7

Our fax number is 204-772-8682

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Our fees are $210/hour for clinical psychologist services (i.e. Dr. Michelle Warren). She conducts both psychotherapy and psychological assessments, the latter with the assistance of Clinical Associates Ms. Kathleen McNamara, M.Ed. and Ms. Jill Tanner, M.Ed., M.C. Please note that the “in-session” portion of the hour is generally 50 minutes long with time set aside beforehand to prepare, and afterwards for note-taking or consultation. An administrative fee for assessment services only of $5/hour is added to cover some of the additional expenses such as test materials. 

The rate for therapy services directly conducted by Masters level associates is $170/hour (i.e., Ms. Michelle Diawol, M.Ed., Ms. Jill Tanner, M.Ed., M.C. or registered social workers Ms. Dana Bartley, MSW, RSW, Ms. Deb Kasner, MSW, RSW). Payment is due at the end of each session, and we accept cash, cheque, e-transfer, and credit cards.

Whether or not fees are covered completely or in part by your extended health plan, if you have one, is up to the client to determine. Every specific insurance plan is different and depends on the arrangements your employer has made with the insurer. For the most part, Dr. Warren’s services are covered but sometimes only for a few sessions per year.

Ms. Diawol, Ms. Bartley, Ms. Kasner and Ms. Tanner’s services are covered in some cases, and not in others. For individuals who are not insured for the fees for therapy and who have a family income below $80,000 (or an individual income below $30,000), they offer a reduced rate for uninsured clients of $145/hour for those sessions.

Sessions that are missed with less than 24 hours notice (unless due to emergency) are invoiced at half the standard hourly rate, or $105 for Dr. Warren or Ms McNamara, and $85 for Ms. Diawol, Ms. Bartley, Ms. Kasner and Ms. Jill Tanner. Travel time for meetings outside of the office is also billed at half our standard rates.


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