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Assessment Services


Psychological assessments and psycho-educational assessments are conducted jointly by Clinical Associates Ms. Kathleen McNamara, M.Ed., Jill Tanner, M. Ed., M.C., and Dr. Michelle Warren, Ph.D. Our office takes a comprehensive approach to assessment, ensuring that we obtain relevant developmental, social-emotional, and/or school history for our clients, in addition to formal psychometric testing. This comprehensive and holistic approach to assessment allows us to interpret formal test results in the context of a child or young adult’s level of functioning within their environment, and ultimately allows us to develop a set of authentic, helpful, practical and meaningful recommendations and interventions for our clients. 


Our psychological and psycho-educational assessments typically include the following components: an intake interview that includes the history of the presenting assessment question and any accompanying concerns, review of any previous assessment reports and/or school records, consultation with third parties who have meaningful information to share about the client (e.g. school teams or teachers), formal testing sessions, time devoted towards scoring and interpretation of test results, and generation of recommendations and a formal assessment report. All of our assessments conclude with a feedback meeting where we share test results and formal diagnostic impressions, discuss appropriate home and/or school interventions and strategies, and provide you with a copy of a formal assessment report. In accordance with copyright restrictions, we are unable to provide clients with raw data or completed test protocols.

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